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It’s wet and weary on the east coast today. This song makes me want to dance in the rain.


Sometimes around the holidays I get so busy rushing from celebration to celebration that it can all start to seem like one big obligation. Looking back at these photos from a very hectic, but spirited, weekend makes me realize that sometimes the rush is worth it in order to keep traditions alive. After all, the memories will last far longer than the inconveniences.

Ahh, the weekend. The perfect tree (so perfect that it was too tall for our living room); the post-run smoothie (good for sore, marathon-training muscles); the Christmas cookies (to counteract all the calories burned from running).  The lights and the Izzie sniffing the lights. The weekend.

“Happiness walks on busy feet.” – Kitte Turmell

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One moment I’m eating fancy desserts and walking through the glowing lobby of the Belvedere Hotel; the next I’m elbow deep in a skillet of ground beef and hanging out on the streets next to camo-painted trucks. That’s Baltimore for ya.

I think I went back in time this weekend–back to a time where ladies gathered for Saturday morning crafting parties, couples walked hand in hand to the bookstore and Sunday afternoons were spent washing cars in the driveway.

 I rather like going back in time.

A few of my favorite things from around the web this week:

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5 awesome board games (I’d like to add Apples to Apples, plus Catchphrase for iPhone!)

On curiosity.

Cookies that look perfectly mouthwatering.

Frozen art.

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Sometimes the weekends are wracked with tough choices…

Sweaty workout that’s good for my body…

or coffee and crossword that’s good for my brain?

Strain my muscles…

or spin a boa?

Pretend to be a card…

or a banker?

I give up–yes to them all!

…even if it means riding in trucks with boys. xo

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Internet, I feel like I’ve let you down. I was having so much fun at the costume party I went to Friday that I completely forgot to take photos. So I guess you’ll just have to trust me when I say that there was an adorable Waldo (of Where’s Waldo fame), a spot-on Shrek, a booty-shaking Grandma, and two Starbucks baristas (hint: me and Scott) in attendance at the party. I would mention the polka dancer and Magenta (from Rocky Horror Picture Show), but I’m not sure if you could handle the cuteness and creativity. I barely could.

I do have a few photos from the weekend’s non-holiday festivities: my gym’s grand re-opening after an extensive renovation (it looks so awesome that I’m actually excited to go to the gym now), a snowy football game which made me reminisce about baring the cold bleachers in high school, crafting and gabbing with some hee-larious ladies, and a delicious Sunday evening salad to cap it all off. My friend Lisa recommended Social Pub & Pie, and both its pizza and salad were pretty amazing.

Good costumes, good friends, good food: it was a good weekend indeed.

A photo of me.

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