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Image8 years of finding increasingly goofy ways to make each other laugh; 4 years of doing it with rings on our fingers. Happy anniversary Scott! I hope our kitchen dances get only crazier, our car singing gets only louder and our nicknames get even more embarrassing (if that’s even possible).

You rock my world. xo


I’m the first to admit that even an endless summer wouldn’t be long enough for me, but can we just all go ahead and agree that this one went by too fast? I feel like I made my summer to-do list, and in an instant the season was gone. It’s like it knew I had an agenda and so it rebelled against it. Well, summer: I hate to break it to you but I still crossed some of the most important things off of that agenda:

ImageFirst (and most obviously), lie on the beach as much as possible. Extra points for seeing dolphins and/or reading whole books in a weekend. Apologies to anyone who is ever around me while I’m reading a good book; I swear I’m normally only half that antisocial.

ImageNext, try out paddleboarding. Much easier than it looks and comes with the added sensation of walking on water. I’m pretty sure having daily access to a paddleboard is one of the secrets to a happy life.


ImageEat at a food truck. Picture this: you’re biking around a small island with no cars. There’s huge sculptures everywhere, and you’re riding around for hours taking pictures when you realize you’re starving. So, you stop at the Kimchi Taco truck for Korean BBQ tacos, which you eat while sitting in the grass listening to  a poetry reading. On a day like that, anything you eat tastes like heaven.

ImageTake bike rides outside. Proof of the biking from the day described above. I even wore white pants. I like to live dangerously.

ImageAnd finally, dance at an outdoor concert. To which I ask – does doing the do-si-do at an outdoor hoedown count? Because this happened. And I’m not sorry for it.

Oh summer 2012, you were fast but you were good. Let’s do it again; same time, same place, next year?

Excuse the lack of any coherent sentence in this video. A girl can’t be expected to speak eloquently when there are wild monkeys in her midst.

What do you do when a hurricane is approaching? You go on a last date and see a funny movie; you eat a last meal at a very crowded burger joint; you go home, grab a blanket and a glass of wine, and fall asleep listening to the wind. Then you wake up the next morning to witness the wonder of it all.

The best thing about nature is that it has a way of making everyone appreciate what matters the most. Whether you’re hiking through the woods or hiding from a hurricane, the world becomes quiet and the small worries give way to an appreciation for the small wonders that make our everyday life downright privileged. I think the reason so many people love snowstorms and thunderstorms, and yes, even hurricanes is not only that it offers a sense of excitement (you have to admit that the frenzy and unpredictability of it all is a bit of a thrill) but also a great excuse to slow down and hold our loved ones close, relinquishing control and relaxing together in a way that our busy, distracted lives would never otherwise allow us.  It gives us permission to go slow and not feel guilty about it. It makes us feel like kids again.

I hope everyone affected by the storm made out as well as we did, and I hope everyone takes a bit of the post-hurricane calm back into their daily lives. xo

A super laid-back weekend at home made special by friends both old and new. There was lots of wine, lots of cheese, and lots of celebrating—new apartments, old friends (and one amazing cook) recently returned home, and two special babies on the horizon. There was a moment at my friend Kelly’s baby shower yesterday where I was sitting next to three of my closest college friends, all of us now married and two of them with baby girls in their bellies. I looked at them and felt such awe at how our lives have developed, and such gratitude for being able to spend time with them as the people they are today. Growing up is a strange and miraculous thing. xo

My sister Katie (of church giggling fame) is in Africa this week for work, and aside from being slightly worried for her (she’s not in the safest of areas), I am mostly daydreaming about the sights she’ll see when she’s there. Aren’t these photos of Africa lovely? I can’t wait to hear all about her adventures when she comes back. Xo

Images care of Santy1964 and Geoftheref

Vogue's Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington before a fashion show.

I (finally!) watched The September Issue tonight, and was struck by the complete contrast between Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour and Creative Director Grace Coddington. The perfectly-coiffed, tight-lipped Anna is the epitome of British restraint, impossibly thin and always detachedly poised. Grace, on the other hand, sports a wild red mane of frizzy hair and walks with the awkward stride of a lanky 13 year old. Yet Anna’s perfect composure comes off as cold and boring, while Grace’s clumsiness seems artistic and is utterly endearing. It’s hilarious to watch Grace tell it like it is, and you feel like she’s conspiring with you when she sticks up for the cameraman’s potbelly or purposefully brings up budget issues on camera to make Anna squirm. The film is meant to show the Vogue bar of perfection set high, but instead it’s a study in imperfect beauty. 

(Image care of the New York Times)

I recently bought the Chilewich for iPhone cover, and I can’t tell you how much I adore it. The light grey version that I bought has a rugged, metallic feel, and the lovely woven texture adds a bit of interest. It’s such a nice change from the plain black cover I’ve used in the past, and I get a little smile every time I pull it out of my bag. Who knew textiles and phone covers could be a great combination?

Cherry Blossoms in DC

There may still be snow on the ground (and *sniffle* in the forecast), but believe me when I tell you that spring is on the way. And it’s not just because today is the first day of March, though I can’t tell you how excited I am to have February over and done with! It’s that freshness in the air, that tinge of warmth creeping back into things. When I walked outside this morning, the sun was bright and I heard birds chirping in the trees near my home. That and the fact that I didn’t need to wear a coat today made me want to jump for joy! It won’t be long until DC’s snow has melted away and the cherry blossoms have bloomed.

Happy Spring! xo

(Image via the DC Pages)

Katie and I sharing secrets on my wedding day.

Katie and I sharing secrets (and giggles) on my wedding day.

My older sister Katie and I have a terrible habit of giving each other what we call “the church giggles” – episodes of uncontrollable laughter that happen at the most inappropriate time. Just one glance can set us off, and once it starts it’s impossible to stop! Our father even refuses to go to church service when we’re together because of one particular giggling episode at a very solemn midnight Christmas Eve service (which happened while we were in college!).

The latest incident transpired last night, in the middle of a yoga class. We were laying silently on our mats when the instructor mentioned something about “releasing the tension,” and Katie let out a mini giggle that made me start giggling, which made her start shushing me, which made me start laughing more. Our attempts to mask it were terribly unsuccessful, and we got lots of dirty looks from the other, more composed students.

Tell me: do you ever get the church giggles, and do you have any remedies for stopping them? I’m dying to learn some tricks that can keep us from getting banned from yoga forever!

A photo of me.

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