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I’ve been struggling lately, and when that happens my first reaction is to be really hard on myself. Which leads to me feeling generally inadequate; then questioning what I’m doing and why I’m so hard on myself;  and then finally telling myself that I should be hard on myself because that’s the only way I’ll get better. Oh what a tangled web we weave!

Now I’m thinking that this cycle is pointless (and the result of too much overthinking). While it’s great to evaluate yourself and make improvements based on those evaluations, sometimes you just have to back up and be thankful, and give yourself permission to be okay with where you are now.

So today, I’m not thinking about where I should be. I’m being thankful for where I am now. Hope you are too. xo


The windows are open, the breeze is stirring, and the anxiously-anticipated summer is creeping into my household. Being that it’s the first summer in three years that I’m not sidetracked by schoolwork, I thought I’d take a quick break from the scheduled Asia-recap programming to share my summer to-do list.

  • Have a picnic (Crossed off today, above, in the field outside a local high school. I felt like I was 16 again!)
  • Go paddle boarding
  • Eat at a food truck
  • Listen to this album on repeat
  • Eat dinner in my backyard at least once a week
  • Catch a fish
  • Eat tomato sandwiches with tomatoes from my garden (thanks to this wonderful woman, of course!)
  • Take bike rides outside
  • Dance at an outdoor concert
  • Take evening walks with my husband
  • Watch this documentary and read this book
  • And, as always, lie on the beach as much as possible

What’s on your to-do list this summer? xo


I picture them as little league players, sitting anxiously on the bench until it’s their turn to go in the game. You’re so close, I want to whisper. Summer’s on its way.

This weekend Scott and I met some friends for dinner at Wit and Wisdom inside the Four Seasons. It was a big splurge but totally worth it–the food was earthy and delicious, and the service was over-the-top.  I can’t stop thinking about this floral arrangement in the lobby: very clean but not at all boring. If you were traveling, wouldn’t you love to come back after a day of sightseeing to something beautiful and inspiring like this? xo

Watching the sunrise during morning runs. Soaking in the quiet before the day gets crazy.

It’s wet and weary on the east coast today. This song makes me want to dance in the rain.

This summer, I finished the course work for my MBA and applied for graduation, checking the “does not want to attend graduation ceremonies” since I knew it was months away.  Last month I accepted a new position at a company I’d long admired, doing work that sounds very exciting and a little bit daunting.

Today I learned that the graduation ceremonies for my program are this Sunday. I start my new job on Monday. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is, and I think it’s telling me that my decision to move on was the right one. I sure hope so.

Here’s to a new year and new adventures. xo

Well hello there, 2012!  How nice of you to start off with a rainbow.

Hope your holidays were great! I had a nice little break from blogging but will back to the regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. In the meantime, try not to break your New Year’s resolutions!! xo

…and Happy Holidays from the beach! Scott and I popped into the arcade a few days ago to take this Christmas photo (a bit of a tradition for us). I plan on these poses being the hardest thing I do all week. Cheers to you all!

“Happiness walks on busy feet.” – Kitte Turmell

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