I’m the first to admit that even an endless summer wouldn’t be long enough for me, but can we just all go ahead and agree that this one went by too fast? I feel like I made my summer to-do list, and in an instant the season was gone. It’s like it knew I had an agenda and so it rebelled against it. Well, summer: I hate to break it to you but I still crossed some of the most important things off of that agenda:

ImageFirst (and most obviously), lie on the beach as much as possible. Extra points for seeing dolphins and/or reading whole books in a weekend. Apologies to anyone who is ever around me while I’m reading a good book; I swear I’m normally only half that antisocial.

ImageNext, try out paddleboarding. Much easier than it looks and comes with the added sensation of walking on water. I’m pretty sure having daily access to a paddleboard is one of the secrets to a happy life.


ImageEat at a food truck. Picture this: you’re biking around a small island with no cars. There’s huge sculptures everywhere, and you’re riding around for hours taking pictures when you realize you’re starving. So, you stop at the Kimchi Taco truck for Korean BBQ tacos, which you eat while sitting in the grass listening to  a poetry reading. On a day like that, anything you eat tastes like heaven.

ImageTake bike rides outside. Proof of the biking from the day described above. I even wore white pants. I like to live dangerously.

ImageAnd finally, dance at an outdoor concert. To which I ask – does doing the do-si-do at an outdoor hoedown count? Because this happened. And I’m not sorry for it.

Oh summer 2012, you were fast but you were good. Let’s do it again; same time, same place, next year?