The windows are open, the breeze is stirring, and the anxiously-anticipated summer is creeping into my household. Being that it’s the first summer in three years that I’m not sidetracked by schoolwork, I thought I’d take a quick break from the scheduled Asia-recap programming to share my summer to-do list.

  • Have a picnic (Crossed off today, above, in the field outside a local high school. I felt like I was 16 again!)
  • Go paddle boarding
  • Eat at a food truck
  • Listen to this album on repeat
  • Eat dinner in my backyard at least once a week
  • Catch a fish
  • Eat tomato sandwiches with tomatoes from my garden (thanks to this wonderful woman, of course!)
  • Take bike rides outside
  • Dance at an outdoor concert
  • Take evening walks with my husband
  • Watch this documentary and read this book
  • And, as always, lie on the beach as much as possible

What’s on your to-do list this summer? xo