Ha! You thought I meant proof that I actually did it, didn’t you? Well, I guess it’s that too. As much as I love these photos, I just can’t convince myself to shell out $70 to buy them. So instead, let’s just pretend that they don’t have giant orange writing on them and that they’re  mine to share.

It’s all fun and games at mile 5.

We’re doing it!

Only mile 8 or so, and yet I’ve already lost all muscle control in my wrist.

Mile 17 and it’s getting boring. Oh wait, I’ve got an idea! Let’s play with the cameraman. That’ll take our minds off running…

Oh hayyy cameraman.

He totally loves us. The lady in the blue, on the other hand…not so impressed.

Mile 18/19. It’s about to get real.

But hey! There’s the Capitol! Whee!!

Mile 26. Heading toward the homestretch…

Looking proud and victorious!

And it’s over!! Exhausted and emotional…

And we’ve got the medal to prove it!