Does your town have a traffic circle? My town does, and for being a circle, it’s one divisive roadway.  It has five different exits connecting three different roads, most of which change directions in the circle. Throw in some crosswalks, streetside cafes and out-of-towners and you have the recipe for some really interesting hand gestures.

I can’t really explain the cluster of cursing and chaos that is the Towson traffic circle, but you might be able to get a feel for it based on the conversation that went down this weekend as my father-in-law John drove me, Scott and my mother-in-law Gayle home from brunch on a busy Saturday.

Gayle:  Oh geez, not the circle.

John: Gayle Robin it’ll be okay! To us: Gayle doesn’t drive through the circle. I love the circle!

Scott: Mom, you don’t drive through the circle? It’s not that bad!

Gayle: Yes it is. This thing is a mess.

John, looking at car in front of him: Ahh, what’s this guy doing? Go!

Scott: What an idiot. Go! Go!

John: He doesn’t have a clue. Gooo!

Gayle, eyes shut: See what I mean?

Me, John, Scott in unison to car in front of us: Go!!  Gooooo!

– Car goes –

John: Alright, here we go. Looks at car exiting to the left: Now you turn there. Here we go…

John, looking at car trying to come into our lane: No you stop. You stop.

John, exiting: Aaaand we’re off. See, that wasn’t so bad!!

– Whole car sighs in relief –