I know, I know, it isn’t Shalane Flanagan. I’m surprised too. But while it may seem strange to have a piece of ambiguous plastic as a best friend, let me assure you that it’s not what you think. It’s not an extremely large piece of packing material (although I do see the resemblance). It’s also not, as some people have suggested, the stray part from a piece of Ikea furniture, although now that I think of it, there does always seems to be one of those…or at least there is when I’m putting the furniture together.

My new best friend is formally known as a foam roller. You roll your calves/hamstrings/hips/back on it after a workout for a deep (though awkwardly maneuvered) massage that loosens stiff muscles. It feels like screaming hell while you’re doing it, but gives you awesome relief afterward.

So maybe it’s not so much my best friend as my best frenemy. One that I plan on seeing every day until March 17.