Can I please show you something that’s been disturbing me for about a week now?

This perplexing little craft project was found inside an unassuming gym bathroom stall that had NO SIGNAGE whatsoever on the outside of it, such that when one is hurriedly looking for a stall to powder her nose in before making it to Body Pump Class, one will choose this normal-looking stall, rush in, and almost trip over this quarantined toilet. Um, a little warning would be nice people! Give a gal a sign or a lock or a freaking piece of masking tape on the outside of the stall for God’s sake. Because the last thing I want to run upon after a long day at work is a trash bag full of toilet. In my face.

And what is up with the clear trash bag anyway? Is there something bad inside the toilet that’s trying to get out? Is the toilet contagious with the swine flu and they’re trying to avoid a gym-wide pandemic? Obviously something’s going on in that thing that’s making them feel that it needs to be contained. In which case, a sign on the outside of the door is even more necessary.

I feel compelled to point out that this is not your average Ghetto Gold’s we’re talking about. This is a nice gym. A gym, in fact, that just underwent extensive renovations to elevate it from a normal, run-of-the-mill gym into a Gucci gym with hardwood floors and a fancy theatre room! At this nice gym, can we really not trust people to follow basic directions like “Do not use this toilet?” Or is it that people are just so clamoring to use this specific stall (as opposed to the other SIX stalls) that they feel a need to not only wrap the toilet in plastic but also put a sign directly on the toilet seat?

Can anyone explain this to me? Or is everyone thinking that the most hilarious thing is not this toilet, but the fact that I took a picture of it?

*Update: I just want to add a disclaimer that this post was written with the purpose of humor. I LOVE my gym and this is in no way is a slam against them! I just find these sorts of things funny and thought someone else might too.