I don’t even know who I am anymore.

This weekend started out innocently enough–there was a nice run around Lake Montebello, margaritas and quesadillas for Mexican Friday, then a long bike ride Saturday for delicious soup and salad (this place can truly do no wrong). Then, all of a sudden I’m looking at the seating chart for my friend Christine’s wedding and realize that my husband and I are seated next to the Governor and his wife. Eeps! Christine used to work in his office – isn’t it so sweet that he came? It was the perfect day for a wedding, and the venue was gorgeous. We had a ball.

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one weekend, on Sunday I got to check out the brand new Urban Outfitters in Towson, plus rank wings from local restaurants at Charm City Wing Wars. I capped it all off with oysters from my number one shucker, though I wasn’t brave enough to tackle one of the ginormous whale rocks he’s holding above. I think it would’ve just put me over the top.

You guys, I’m officially pooped. Hope you had a sunshiny, fun weekend too! Now I’m off to take a nap… xo