I’m grilling chicken for dinner when I hear a knock at the door. I turn to see four kids jockeying for position on my doorstep, nudging and elbowing each other in a way that immediately tells me they’re siblings. They’re standing so close to the door, and to each other, that when I open it they practically fall inside. The oldest of the girls is holding a paper, but when I say hello she turns shy. “Um hi. Hi, umm…” Her older brother helps her out. “She’s selling Girl Scout cookies. Do you want some?” The two younger siblings peek from behind, anxious to see if I’ll bite. The whole scene is so cute that I can’t resist. I make my order (Samoas, Tagalongs, and Thin Mints), but when I go to pay, I only have a 20. The older brother considers running home for change, but the other brother (and designated treasurer) assures him that they can handle it. As he fishes out the dollars from a big yellow envelope, the girl gives me the sheet to enter my address. I notice the photos of incentive prizes at the top and ask which one she’s hoping to get. It’s a pair of shoes. I stifle a laugh and ask for two more boxes.

A girl after my own heart.