What can I say, I’m a sucker for Pat Conroy. So much so that Scott’s taken to referring to his books as various volumes of The Great Santini. I believe he called this one volume 35, which was an exaggeration. Conroy’s only written 10 books so far, but if he writes 35 I’ll read them all.


My favorite parts of South of Broad:

But color, smell and music have always opened the rose windows, blind alleys and trapdoors of the past in ways I find astonishing…My memories seem evergreen and verdant, so I am always comfortable walking through the front door of my past, confident in the shape and certitude of all that I carry from those days.

He brought me news from my own interior.

I discover that you can dream to waken yourself. I never knew that.

There is good luck in the high tide, a rightness about it that every man and woman in the Low Country knows in their bones, a completion, a summing up, and a good place for an ending.

It is simple, I tell my gathering of friends. We understand the power of accident and magic in human affairs.


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