It’s starting to feel like fall around Baltimore. There are big September clouds in the sky and a chill in the air that has me wearing a jacket when the sun goes down. Growing up in a beach town, I used to dread fall and the ending that it seemed to evoke, whether that was the end of the summer season and the summer crowds that made the town come to life, the end of summer relationships, or simply the end of warm weather and beach days. Even after I moved away from Ocean City, I always found a feeling of emptiness lingering during early September, perhaps just as a remnant of my childhood or probably more likely, a signifier of the end of my all-too-short August break from graduate school. Now that I’m done with school and am just over ten years away from my days as an OC local, the coming of fall feels less like the stealing of summer and more like a welcome invitation to slow down, eat freshly baked bagels, and snuggle under the covers for the better part of the day. It feels like a natural evolution after the busy excitedness of summer. And I can’t wait to soak it all in.