The Baltimore Sun recently published a list of 100 Reasons Why We Love Baltimore, which features prominent Marylanders like John Waters and Cal Ripken Jr. divulging their favorite things about Charm City. It got me thinking about the things I love about my adopted hometown, so I thought I’d share my own (albeit abbreviated) list, in case you’re interested:

  1. The hubble telescope is run out of Baltimore, and some of the most revolutionary ideas about space science come out of the city.
  2. One of the busiest downtown streets is paved in a mix of recycled glass and asphalt. Glassphalt, as the locals call it, looks like a pretty mosaic and sparkles beautifully in the sun (you can see a photo of it here).
  3. We have a football team named after a poem. Beat that.
  4. Only in Baltimore can you witness the site that inspired our national anthem. What I love even more is that when that battle was pending, Baltimoreans from all walks of life gathered side by side to dig trenches to defend their city. That’s Baltimore.
  5. The “Hon” addition on the Welcome to Baltimore sign. Because we’re friendly like that.
  6. A lot of cities have marathons, but I’m pretty sure Baltimore’s is one of the only ones where hoards of people run through areas of town they’d never step foot in otherwise, only to be cheered on by admiring children and adults breaking it down to music while handing out gummi bears and water. Who needs an iPod when you’ve got a show on every block?
  7. The country’s largest free arts festival, and the only one where one of the food tent condiments is Old Bay.
  8. The Utz girl and Natty Boh guy – may they live happily ever after. Even if it’s only in Smyth ads.
  9. Goetz candies. Perfectly bite-sized and deliciously filling-inducing, there’s nothing quite like a caramel cream. My mom keeps a bowl of them in the living room year-round.
  10. The Domino Sugar sign. Old disco lighting perfection.

Tell me, what do you love about your hometown (or adopted hometown)? I’d love to hear. xo

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