What do you do when a hurricane is approaching? You go on a last date and see a funny movie; you eat a last meal at a very crowded burger joint; you go home, grab a blanket and a glass of wine, and fall asleep listening to the wind. Then you wake up the next morning to witness the wonder of it all.

The best thing about nature is that it has a way of making everyone appreciate what matters the most. Whether you’re hiking through the woods or hiding from a hurricane, the world becomes quiet and the small worries give way to an appreciation for the small wonders that make our everyday life downright privileged. I think the reason so many people love snowstorms and thunderstorms, and yes, even hurricanes is not only that it offers a sense of excitement (you have to admit that the frenzy and unpredictability of it all is a bit of a thrill) but also a great excuse to slow down and hold our loved ones close, relinquishing control and relaxing together in a way that our busy, distracted lives would never otherwise allow us.  It gives us permission to go slow and not feel guilty about it. It makes us feel like kids again.

I hope everyone affected by the storm made out as well as we did, and I hope everyone takes a bit of the post-hurricane calm back into their daily lives. xo