This weekend was full of love and lively celebration. It all started on Wednesday…the second I hit “submit” on my final paper I called my sister, grabbed the bottle of champagne waiting in the fridge and drove down to her apartment to celebrate. We toasted using the same glasses that my husband and I drank from on our wedding night.

On Friday, Scott flew in from Mexico (where he had been for work) and my parents came up and had dinner with us at the Prime Rib. It’s such a special restaurant that you can’t help but feel festive when you walk in. It was the perfect atmosphere for celebrating such a meaningful achievement.

Saturday was spent at the pool with my in-laws, where we had a crab feast to celebrate my graduation, my husband’s grandmother’s birthday and my sister-in-law Amy passing her board exams to become a nurse practitioner. It was relaxed and joyous–as celebrations go, I don’t think it gets much better than steamed crabs, sunshine, swimming and beer. We continued with more beer at our friend Hock’s that night.

Sunday was full of rest and relaxation from the weekend’s festivities. Of course, I still had to hit up the farmer’s market. With peaches like that, can you blame me?

It meant so much to me to celebrate my graduation with the people who know what the accomplishment meant to me, and whose love and support carried me through the past four years. I don’t think I’ve had a happier, more celebratory weekend in years. xo