Now that I’m approaching MBA graduation (FOUR WEEKS TIL FREEDOM!! WOOT WOOT), I’m turning my attention to the 10,532,789 projects that I neglected while I was in school. You know, all of those things that I told people—or myself—that I would do after I was in school. Things like reorganizing my closet and fixing up my backyard and doing more yoga and shaving my legs (just kidding. sorta.) Anyway, it’s a big list, and I’m getting excited thinking about having the time to focus on things unrelated to finance or project management.

First up is my family room—a small space with a huge window, a gallery wall of photos, and a worn-out Ikea couch from my post-college days. The couch needs to go, stat (anyone interested?) and here’s what I’m hoping to replace it with:

I love the clean lines on this Ikea sofa, though it might be too big for the room. Think they’d let me trade in my old couch for this one?

A simple cocktail table would house games of yahtzee and glasses of wine.

This chevron rug from West Elm is fun and classic. As of now we don’t have any rugs in the house so it would be a nice change of pace. Plus it would fit in with the rest of the decor, which incorporates a lot of bold prints in neutral colors.

This light and airy lamp would be lovely for reading.

A couple of worn leather chairs would keep the room from looking too overdone.

And just to cap things off, a few initial pillows in neutral colors.

What do you think—is the room too boring, or does it work? Also, who can arrange help me arrange a super-sale so I can afford all of this? xo