Gardens are one of those things that, if you’re like me, you never really thought of until you became a home owner. Then it somehow occurred to you that a few flowers could really spruce up the front of your home, and before you knew it you were aimlessly wandering through the aisles of Home Depot, trying to make sense of words like “partial shade” and “perennial.” You might figure you need a little more help, so you go to one of the upscale local garden centers, but the garden snobs intimidate you, and even the nicest staff there make your head spin with statements referring to climate zones and deadheading. You start to kick yourself for never looking twice at the home and garden aisle in Barnes and Noble.

The truth is, gardening is both a science and an art, and my mother-in-law Gayle approaches it like Picasso. She has an eye for colors and a willingness to mix different types of plants that I would never think twice about. Fortunately, she’s generous with her expertise and our house is close enough that we can take full advantage of it. Over the years, her passion and attention to detail has transformed our little garden from a drab and lifeless patch of land to a plush garden that attracts butterflies and compliments from passersby (not to mention, it makes me smile every time I come home). She’s my flower fairy—a true garden artist—and I am lucky that she’s generous with her skill.

Her are some photos of our garden, before and after Gayle’s magic touch.

 Before the flower fairy…

…and after.

Thanks Gayle!!  Your passion for gardening has made me look at it in a whole different light. xo