As I hinted in last week’s post, Scott and I recently traveled to Mexico to celebrate the wedding of our friends Josh and Chrissy. I had never been to Mexico before, nor stayed at an all-inclusive type of resort like the Beach Palace, which is where our group held camp. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the resort and was a little worried about how the food and service would be, but from the moment we hopped off the plane everything was taken care of for us. The resort staff were more than accommodating, the food and drinks were good, and our room was spacious and beautiful, with a great view of the Caribbean Sea. As someone who’s used to more of a backpacking style of travel, it was hands-down the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever been on. It was so nice to not have to think–much less worry–about anything for an entire week, and it allowed our big group plenty of time to hang out together and relax in the sun. As my friend Terri put it, “The biggest decisions of my day are ‘Beach or pool?’ and “Margarita or mojito!’” Though I also love checking out hole-in-the-wall places and adventuring off the beaten path when I travel, the all-inclusive way is one I’d definitely do again. If you’re looking to stay in the Cancun area, I highly recommend the Palace Resorts. I also have to give huge props to my friend Chrissy for planning the whole adventure. I secretly want her to get married every year so I have an excuse to go to Mexico.

Here are a few photos from our trip, if you’d like to see! xo

The view from the resort

Ombre water. Very on-trend.

The aisle for Josh and Chrissy’s wedding – doesn’t the tangerine color look so pretty against the ocean?

First kiss!

Lifeguard station…aka, the best workplace ever.

Water sparkling under the morning sun. Even the pelican was soaking it in.