Did I ever tell you about the time that my mom followed a high-speed chase with me and my sister in the car? In her defense, we lived in a small town where not much happened and we were all more than curious about what was going on. I’ll never know how she got that 80’s town car to keep up with the chase, but I remember thinking that it was the most exciting/thrilling thing in the world, and that I had the coolest mom ever. Twenty years later, I still feel the same way. Happy Mother’s Day, Momma! Thanks for giving me lots of freedom, tons of love, and a need for speed. xo

Photo above of my mom with her dad, early 198os. Doesn’t she look timelessly beautiful? I never got to meet my grandfather (he died shortly after this photo was taken, while my mom was pregnant with me) but you can just tell from the photo how much she adored being around him.