There’s a mouse in my house. Not the sweet, Mickey Mouse type of character or the Cinderella  mouse that sung sweet songs and tied her hair in a bow. I might actually enjoy a Disney mouse in my house (and my hair might look a little better too). But I don’t have a Disney mouse; I have a ninja mouse. He defies gravity, avoids traps and isn’t swayed by peanut butter or cheese. Seriously, I’ve seen the little guy twice now, and despite setting seven (SEVEN!) different traps, including two different types of traps using two different types of bait, the ninja mouse has defied capture. I picture him descending from our ceiling at night like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: he’s doing back flips, nimbly avoiding the lines of our motion-sensored alarm, and generally spitting in the faces of Scott and I (I suspect his little mouse brain is thinking, “Oh, you think you own the place? Well honey badger mouse don’t care!”) Scott and I are also convinced that he has nunchuck skills, but we’ve yet to confirm.

Do you have any advice for catching a stealth mouse? Please help–if this lasts much longer I don’t think I’ll ever go in my living room again!