Let me lay it out on front street for you: when it comes to the whole house cleaning thing, I’m about as reliable as a hungover intern. And I know this, because not only have I had my fair share of hungover interns, but I’ve also been a hungover intern myself. In college I had a job that required me to vacuum a massive floorspace first thing every morning. I worked on Saturdays, and so the vacuuming inevitably came after a late Friday night followed by a far-too-early Saturday alarm. The noise of that vacuum was like a jackhammer inside my brain, and I can’t tell you how many times I tripped over the cord. I also had a habit of looking away while I vacuumed, which resulted in some pretty impressive dents in the floorboards. What can I say, I like to leave my mark on a place.

College job aside, vacuuming is my least favorite chore. Second only to cleaning bathrooms, which I didn’t really mind until my husband started making “get under the rim” jokes while I was doing it. Now the prospect of it makes me want to puke. (In a bag. Which can be thrown out. So I don’t have to re-clean the toilet afterwards.)

Laundry, however, is a chore I don’t really mind…which might be because I love clothes, but it’s probably because it’s a chore that Scott and I can do together. Sometimes he takes the lead, sometimes I do, but at some point it usually ends up being both us surrounded by a heap of clothes, chiding each over who gets to fold what and how it should be properly folded (according to me, all tees should be folded; but Scott thinks that “nice” tees should be hung, which confuses me because is there really such a thing as a “nice” tee shirt?). The chiding takes my attention away from the fact that I’m doing a chore, and before I know it, everything’s folded and we’re on a race to put things away. Note to self: chores are more fun in tandem. Now if I can just find a way to make toilet scrubbing a couples ground tandem activity.

Which chores do you like or loathe? I’d love to hear!

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