So let’s just say that you’ve been doing yoga pretty consistently for more than a year, working your way up to ridiculously difficult ninja moves new and more challenging poses as you go. And let’s just say that your husband went with you to yoga class for the first time last week.

And—of course, this is all hypothetical—let’s say that in the past few days he’s been watching you work on your newest and hardest move yet. Perhaps he’s even been watching you diligently practice at home, looking up videos on the internet to get tips on doing the pose correctly. And let’s say that after watching you fail to get into your practiced pose for several days, your husband decides to give the pose a try for himself. And while I won’t say whether he *hypothetically* did the pose perfectly on his FIRST TRY or not, I will say that my darling hypothetical husband is a freak of nature that should be studied for some sort of naturally-good-at-everything-in-a-really-unfair-kind-of-way gene. I mean, the man ran a half marathon off the couch and got a better time than me, despite the fact that I trained for three months. Hypothetically, of course.

At least our future kids will have half of his genes (and more, if I have anything to do with it).