What are you up to this weekend? Tonight, I’m excited to eat Mexican food at my favorite dive restaurant (I love the pollo loco), and on Sunday I plan to forgo all Superbowl activities (in protest of the Ravens loss) and go to yoga instead. I’m hoping the studio is empty and I get to have one-on-one time with the instructor!

In honor of it being Friday–and a pretty frantic one at that–I thought I’d share a few of the ridiculous things that have happened in my life recently. It’s good to laugh at ourselves once in a while, right? Here goes…

–      I ran out of body wash and, not realizing it until I got in the shower, had to use shampoo instead. Yep, I’m an adult.

–      I stood in line at Target behind a very large, middle-aged gentleman purchasing a gigantic Justin Bieber poster. (He was wearing a leather jacket and had a bluetooth device in his ear.)

–      I picked up what I thought was a dust ball but what turned out to be a dead, shriveled, hard baby mouse. *Shudders at the memory*

–      I had to beg a passerby to open my front door for me. He didn’t speak English, so there were a lot of hand motions involved. At the end, I couldn’t figure out how to properly express my appreciation, so I made the namaste sign and bowed to him like it was the end of a karate match. Smooth moves, I tell you. Smooth moves.

What nutty things have happened to you this week? I’d love to hear. xo

Image of artist Gene Davis painting in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, found via.