I’ve been looking for new nightstands for only, oh, about three years now, and after looking in dozens of stores I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I hate all of them. This is most certainly bad news to my darling husband, who has been living with one broken and one missing drawer in his two-drawer childhood nightstand that sits next to our bed. Despite living with this situation for more than a year, he’s still patiently waiting for me to find something that I can stomach putting in our room; and if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

Now, normally I’m not this picky about these things, but I swear that the only nightstands I’ve come across are ridiculously bulky and dense…especially for a bedroom the size of a postage stamp. The only ones I can find that don’t seem like complete ogres present another conundrum—they offer absolutely no storage. So imagine how excited I was when I discovered these chairs with drawers. There’s plenty of room for books and an alarm clock on top, and a nice little drawer with storage underneath. Plus, they can be repurposed for extra seating when we have parties! Now I just need to convince the hubs and our little nightstand problem will be solved! xo