This is part six of a seven-part recap of a road trip through New England and Canada. Click to read the previous recaps of Boston; Portland, ME; Littleton, NH; Quebec City; and Montreal.

If Montreal is for hipsters, Toronto is for rollerbladers.

No really. The concentration of rollerbladers in Canada is either alarming or awesome, depending on how you look at it. I’m gonna go with the latter for the sole reason that I simply love this city.

Toronto is not only super clean and gorgeous, but it’s huge! This is the view from the top of the CN tower, where Scott and I ate lunch in the cheesy but fancy rotating restaurant. In between bites of the most decadent truffle mac and cheese known to man, I exclaimed on the city’s size no less than five times. I think Scott was thrilled.

But really, it’s big right? I mean, who would’ve thought?

As you may be able to tell, Scott and I arrived in Toronto without knowing very much about the city except that our friend Scott (different from husband Scott), thought it was cool. Yes, we stopped there solely because he told us to (and yes, we also jump off bridges when friends tell us to). Luckily, he was 100 percent right.

Our first night in town we grabbed drinks and appetizers at Lusso, a great restaurant overlooking Lake Ontario. The weather was perfect, the sangria was delicious, and the view of the boats and planes passing by was pretty rad.

We wanted to linger over drinks for a while but after witnessing a homeless woman steal a sandwich off of a patron’s plate (impressive if you ask me), we decided to pack it up and head to Rogers Stadium.

That’s right–we went to not one, but two baseball games on this little road trip. Am I scoring brownie points or what? Truth be told I was just as excited to check out the stadium as Scott; not only because the stadium has a retractable roof (woah) but because the Blue Jays were playing the Orioles. I threw on the only orange/black combo in my suitcase and off we went.

It was 80s night at the stadium…

and they had sippy cup beers. Need I say more?

The game was a lot of fun, though I’m not sure the Blue Jays fans were thrilled with Scott and I’s enthusiasm for the O’s. We developed a pretty solid set of hecklers, and things got so heated that they sent in a staffer to keep an eye on things.

His name is Nathan, and he’s got it under control.

Scott was definitely intimidated by him. Can’t you tell?

The next morning we took a long walk to Kensington Market in search of coffee. We saw some great sights along the way…

…but when we got to the cafe, it didn’t serve coffee.

The market streets are lined with adorable independently-owned shops, and it was a perfect day for a stroll.

We spent the day walking around, checking out the city’s shops and running into little gems like this one:

I mean, who doesn’t love a pop-up park with cozy couches, big lanterns and food trucks serving ice cream and bbq? We bathed in the sunshine and then caught a show at Toronto’s second city. It was hilarious, but no cameras were allowed.

So… 80s nights, baseball games, pop-up parks and a giant lake. What’s not to like in Toronto?

Ohhh, right. The rollerbladers.