I hope you liked the photos of Boston…especially because there’s six more cities to go! It sounds like a lot but the trip went by so fast.

Next up is Portland, Maine, which is such a lovely coastal town. Scott and I stayed at the Wild Iris Inn, a sweet little bed & breakfast that’s walking distance from Old Portland, or Old Port. We made great use of the location, strolling around the wharfs and walking down the different piers.

I particularly loved the Harbor Fish Market, which reminded me of a restaurant I used to work for that was by the docks in my hometown.

I also liked the sign for the Port Hole fountain (its name made me chuckle).

We ended up meandering to the Portland State Pier, where Scott and I took a relaxing sunset sail. We cracked open a bottle of wine I had stashed in my purse (everyone does that, right?) and while I enjoyed a drink Scott went to work helping the skipper.

But don’t worry, eventually he settled in for a drink too.

While Scott and I were taking in the sights (and let’s be honest, tossing a few back) the adorable couple next to us was scoping out the people in boats passing by. Look who they found!

None other than George and Barbara Bush. What a great surprise! As I rushed to snag my camera, Babs gave us a wave. George, on the other hand, was all business. Later he dropped her off on the dock and set back out on his own. She didn’t seem to mind.

After the sail we grabbed a bite to eat at J’s Oyster, a laid-back local’s haunt where our waitress had a thick accent and the placemat listed step-by-step instructions for eating lobster. The instructions were perfect for this lobster newbie, and I got my tail out in record time. It was everything I expected and more.

We took our full bellies back to the Wild Iris and I woke the following day with an urge to shop. Thank God we found Sea Bags.

These bad boys are made out of recycled sails in a tiny shop right next to the Harbor Fish Market. Guess who was in need of a beach bag? It was fate, I tell you. I took a picture of the bags being made (which was really neat) but then was told there’s no photography in the store. Tear.

After buying my Sea Bag and checking out Angela Adams‘ to-die-for shop, we set off for Cape Elizabeth on a recommendation from our sailing friends. They didn’t lead us astray.

I have a thing for lighthouses, and this one is just fantastic. I love how there’s one on either side of the inlet, sending signals to bring sailors home safely. It’s also crazy to me how different Maine’s coastline is from Maryland’s–so jagged and rocky where ours is smooth and sandy. I can’t decide which I like better. Can you?

Next up: our stay in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, where hilarity ensued. It’s so nice reliving the trip with you all – I hope you enjoy reading about it just as much as I enjoy sharing. xo