I’d love to share some photos and moments from my recent roadtrip. I hope you enjoy!

Scott and I initially set off the evening of July 16, but we came home just minutes later after realizing we’d forgotten the power supply for our laptop (kind of necessary).  Then we were really off. We had a smooth ride to Boston, stopping only for mint chocolate chip ice cream (my childhood favorite) and traffic around Manhattan, where I squealed as motorcycles bobbed in and out of the lanes. We got to Boston around 2 a.m. Saturday, allowing us to scope out the nightlife as bars let out near our hotel on Copley Square. We checked in, crashed, and woke up to this:

Beautiful sunny skies and a sparkling bay! I dragged Scott out of bed and across town to Flour Bakery in search of cinnamon buns. What’s vacation good for if not eating cinnamon buns?

Oh hello. They were the most decadent, oozing pastry I’ve ever had. I think I went into a sugar coma after eating less than half of it.

Luckily, on the walk back I saw Arthur hanging out at the children’s museum and he snapped me out of my coma. He’s hands down my favorite children’s character of all time. How can you not love Arthur?

We walked around the city for a while, checking out a local farmer’s market and snapping some photos of the waterways. I even took some pics of local kids playing in a fountain. Mostly because I was jealous. It was really hot.

In the afternoon, we took a three-hour bike tour around the city which took us into historic Beacon Hill and through the gorgeous Boston Public Gardens. We saw the beautiful Trinity Church and even drove past John Kerry’s house! I rang my bike bell as I went by. He didn’t come out. I think he had something against the flaming white helmet.

After the tour, we stopped for a bite to eat at Post 390 and I had the most delicious pink lemonade martini (Scott had a local beer). It was the perfect antidote to our long bike ride. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been dreaming about it ever since.

After having a few drinks, we took a very red- and navy-filled subway to Fenway Park. The. park. is. so. old. Or maybe “historic” is a more appropriate term. Either way, it was built in 1912 and the architecture of it reminds me of all the old stadiums in A League of Their Own. It’s hard not to be enchanted by the stadium when you think about all of the great players who’ve played there and all of the different generations who’ve cheered in its stands.

Scott was enchanted too… by the stadium; not the frazzled mom who dripped chocolate ice cream in a perfect line across his back.

Points for consistency.

All in all, I took Boston to be a beautiful historic city filled with friendly, lively people and lots to do. The city has a welcoming feel to it, and it seems to be so much smaller than it is because of the old brick row homes, beautiful parks and independently-owned stores.

That said – I still didn’t root for the Red Sox.