Students at Oberlin College in Ohio were recently tasked with creating new t-shirts for the college’s bookstore. The results did not disappoint: their quirky designs focused on unique aspects of campus, from an orb chair in the campus library to the albino squirrels (?!?!) that hang around the campus quad.

How cool is it to be able to show support for your college without feeling like a walking advertisement (and a sloppily dressed one at that)? I love the idea and am not-so-secretly hoping my alma mater follows suit. I’d happily rock a shirt with an image of the school’s off-kilter steps or awesome climbing wall, and I’m pretty sure my friends Adam and Leanne would want one that asks their favorite dining hall question, “‘Son ya bread?”

I’ll have lettuce and tomato, thank you.

Read the full New York Times article on the project here.