Darling readers, I need your advice. I’m going to a potluck wine party this weekend and I’m stuck on what dish to bring. The theme for the party is “Whites of Spring,” but we’re toasting a recently-married couple who doesn’t like white wine, so the host has asked us to bring whites that will appeal to those who usually prefer red. My trusty friend Thom suggested a woody chardonnay, so I’m covered on that front, but now I’m totally confused about what my dinner contribution could be. Should I make something to go with red wine or white? The crowd has a few vegetarians, so for previous parties I’ve made this super easy mushroom quiche (using store-bought dough) and this delicious grown-up mac and cheese. Both went over very well, and I want to keep my streak going.

Do you have any suggestions for me? I’d love to hear your ideas. xo

Image care of Joy the Baker