It’s been absolutely beautiful here lately! Knowing the wild fluctuations of spring weather in our area, I’ve been soaking up every second of this gorgeous weather by spending time outside. That means lots of al fresco dining, one of my favorite warm-weather past times. Last week Scott and I went to eat outside at a lovely little pizza place near our house. We lingered over mushroom pizza and seafood risotto, talking, watching passersby, and evesdropping on the conversations of those around us (terrible, but I just can’t help myself!)

We stayed long past nightfall, when a big group of jazz musicians showed up to perform at the restaurant. They pulled their caravan of cars next to the restaurant and unloaded box after box of instruments and gear—everything from saxophones to a massive bass. They had a great swagger, dressed in old-time fedoras and crisp linen shirts, and were even followed by a photographer. It was all very fantastic considering the neighborhood, and Scott and I had so much fun imagining what their lives (and closets!) were like.

As they unpacked the last of their instruments and headed into the restaurant to warm up, one of the musician’s cars broke down. The group gathered around and pushed the car into a nearby parking lot, fedoras and all. It was a great image, and I wish I had a camera to capture the allure of an artsy trumpet player in sky-high heels and head-to-toe black pushing an old chevy into a city lot. I think I’ll add people watching to my list of warm-weather past times. xo

Image care of Life Magazine