I visited Germany for the first time last year and fell in love with the country and its wonderful people. The Germans in Munich and Berlin seemed to relish time outdoors, and even on the chilly fall days that marked our trip we saw people of all ages lounging in parks and riding bikes, which seem to be the main mode of transportation in the cities I visited. It was such a pleasant surprise from the cold, austere Germany I had envisioned! But by far, finding this unexpected urban surfing spot was my favorite surprise of the trip. The German government repositioned the bottom of this natural waterway to create a wave pool just inside the edge of a Munich park. Surfers gather alongside the river waiting their turn, then toss their boards in and go for a ride. It’s like a little piece of Hawaiian summertime in the middle of autumn in Germany, and I just had to take a short video of it while I was there. Hope you enjoy! xo