Katie and I sharing secrets on my wedding day.

Katie and I sharing secrets (and giggles) on my wedding day.

My older sister Katie and I have a terrible habit of giving each other what we call “the church giggles” – episodes of uncontrollable laughter that happen at the most inappropriate time. Just one glance can set us off, and once it starts it’s impossible to stop! Our father even refuses to go to church service when we’re together because of one particular giggling episode at a very solemn midnight Christmas Eve service (which happened while we were in college!).

The latest incident transpired last night, in the middle of a yoga class. We were laying silently on our mats when the instructor mentioned something about “releasing the tension,” and Katie let out a mini giggle that made me start giggling, which made her start shushing me, which made me start laughing more. Our attempts to mask it were terribly unsuccessful, and we got lots of dirty looks from the other, more composed students.

Tell me: do you ever get the church giggles, and do you have any remedies for stopping them? I’m dying to learn some tricks that can keep us from getting banned from yoga forever!