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I’ve been looking for the perfect chair for my vanity and I think these 50’s-inspired scoopback chairs from West Elm are just the thing. I love the gray and white striped (I’m a sucker for anything with stripes!), but the yellow stands out to me too. Which do you like?

I’ve been using a step stool as a chair while trying to find exactly what I wanted, so at this point I think anything will be an improvement. And at $89, how can I resist?


I visited Germany for the first time last year and fell in love with the country and its wonderful people. The Germans in Munich and Berlin seemed to relish time outdoors, and even on the chilly fall days that marked our trip we saw people of all ages lounging in parks and riding bikes, which seem to be the main mode of transportation in the cities I visited. It was such a pleasant surprise from the cold, austere Germany I had envisioned! But by far, finding this unexpected urban surfing spot was my favorite surprise of the trip. The German government repositioned the bottom of this natural waterway to create a wave pool just inside the edge of a Munich park. Surfers gather alongside the river waiting their turn, then toss their boards in and go for a ride. It’s like a little piece of Hawaiian summertime in the middle of autumn in Germany, and I just had to take a short video of it while I was there. Hope you enjoy! xo

Katie and I sharing secrets on my wedding day.

Katie and I sharing secrets (and giggles) on my wedding day.

My older sister Katie and I have a terrible habit of giving each other what we call “the church giggles” – episodes of uncontrollable laughter that happen at the most inappropriate time. Just one glance can set us off, and once it starts it’s impossible to stop! Our father even refuses to go to church service when we’re together because of one particular giggling episode at a very solemn midnight Christmas Eve service (which happened while we were in college!).

The latest incident transpired last night, in the middle of a yoga class. We were laying silently on our mats when the instructor mentioned something about “releasing the tension,” and Katie let out a mini giggle that made me start giggling, which made her start shushing me, which made me start laughing more. Our attempts to mask it were terribly unsuccessful, and we got lots of dirty looks from the other, more composed students.

Tell me: do you ever get the church giggles, and do you have any remedies for stopping them? I’m dying to learn some tricks that can keep us from getting banned from yoga forever!

gold leaf bobby pin

feather bobby pins

The morning after my wedding I felt like a magician with his never-ending chain of scarfs. I pulled bobby pin after bobby pin out of my hair, and just when I thought I had them all, another would pop out of nowhere!  It went on and on, and my husband thought it was hysterical.

Somehow I don’t think these lovely bobby pins would get lost…either in your hair or your bathroom drawer. They’re so delicate and different, don’t you think?

(Images via Etsy sellers Niandra and Tamar, respectively)

Loving the rain

It’s raining this week, and I love falling asleep to the sound of raindrops hitting the roof. Doesn’t it make you want to stay in bed forever? I can’t wait for spring thunderstorms!

(Photo via Braedon Photography)

dark chocolate almond bark

I bought the most delicious treat this weekend: dark chocolate almond bark from Wockenfuss Candy in Baltimore. They’ve been in business for as long as I can remember, and the crunchy, bittersweet chocolate has been the best cure for this rainy week. I’m dying to try their chocolate-covered orange peel too. Delicious!

Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers

I can’t get the Avett Brothers’ song January Wedding out of my head. It’s incredibly sweet, and I love the line “She keeps it simple and I am thankful for her kind of loving, cause it’s simple.” Doesn’t the guitarist/singer Seth Avett look like a scruffy Ashton Kutcher?

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